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Tally Addons – Binary Informatic

Tally Add-Ons

Binary Informatic has created a set of very useful ready to use Tally add-on’s which are not part of standard features of Tally ERP 9. Any world class product gives features & functionalities which are general & applicable to the masses, however there are thousands of needs which are typical & applicable to certain Business & irrelevant to many. Tally has provided a mechanism to customise & add to the software.

Binary Informatic over years have dealt with thousands of companies, understood their needs & developed customised software for them. Out of the various developments, we have identified certain repetitive ones which remained popular, adopted and appreciated by many. Our expert team has personally handpicked these requirements, customised them, standardised them& converted into ready to use Tally add-on’s.

Attach multiple files along with your financial transactions & retrieve them at your desk. Share documents by email and improve internal operations & customer service.

The simplest form of communication with customers & vendors from the comfort of your ERP software. Dispatch & receipt notification, overdue reminders, price updates.

The smart tools which will help resolve your Tally backup issue. Ensures no need for human intervention & eradicates the chances of someone forgetting to take a backup.

Track the complete history of a transaction since its creation followed by multiple alterations. A complete log of Inventory & ledger entries maintained along with Rate & Amount.

A must have module for any multi user Tally customer, where the user has to be restricted for creation / alteration of a specific voucher type.

Import Stock Items and Ledger Master from Excel into Tally (Specified Format).

Have benefit of Auto Numbering for voucher types with Manual Voucher Numbering method. Retain voucher number on cancellation/deletion.

Authorise vouchers before it reflects the books of accounts. Set levels & rights based on Amount & type of transaction. Revision and Rejection option is also available. Easy to understand dashboard!!

Have the freedom to define, modify & Print Terms & Conditions on your Sales Invoice along with your Company’s Digital Signature (scan & attach).

Multi-method brokerage or commission payable generating module with various broker/sales agent based analyzing reports. The above is best suit for both Sales as well as Purchase.

The module blocks the creation of transactions like sales invoice, delivery note and stock journal vouchers incase the issued qty is more than the available stock.

Users can be blocked for displaying specific ledgers / groups or group of ledgers. These will not appear in any of the voucher entries.

This module restricts the user to select specific godown during voucher entry. The restriction can be specified in the voucher type master.

This module allows the display & selection of stock items of a particular Stock Group during Voucher entry. The restriction can be specified in the voucher type master.

Delete all masters which are unused & not required. Ledgers, Groups, Cost centers, categories etc with Zero Opening Balance, no transaction & no tracking can be deleted.

Using this module user can send multiple mails at a time to his debtors or his parties.