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Tally Support Services – Binary Informatic

Tally Support Services

Tally Installation & implementation, Data synchronization, Data Migration or Splitting, Training or incidental support, in any cases you can count on us. Our engineer can visit onsite or attend your queries remotely

9000+ customers and 10+ years of experience in Tally itself prove Binary Informatic Pvt. Ltd. a highly efficient service partner. A team of well trained and experienced Service Engineers is available here for Tally Online Support or an Onsite visit to ensure you get best answers to all your queries without any delay. With the help of Tally Solutions, Binary Informatic Pvt. Ltd. conducts monthly online tests and provides regular internal training to our Service Engineers to improve their knowledge base. The result of this is a strong service team with excellent knowledge in Tally, be it Onsite or Remote Support (using remote communication software products)

Support Services

Data migration services

If you are using an older version of Tally and would like to upgrade or have already upgraded to a newer version, your data needs to be transferred under proper guidance to avoid unwanted loss of important data. Our service team will help you get data from your older versions of Tally and migrate it in your new version.

Data synchronization set-up and support

If you have more than 1 location where Tally is being used and your business requires that the data entered at one location should be updated in the other location(s), you can opt for our synchronization services. We help in setting up synchronization of data between various offices across geographical locations to your head office where entries from one location are merged with your other locations data with the help of Tally.Net Services or via Static IP.

Installation and Implementation services

Different business types demand different features of Tally to be activated. Deploying your new Tally.ERP 9 license on your system and configuring its features according to your business requirements is done by us so that you get all necessary features and controls activated before you start using the product

On-site training

We provide onsite training for your staff to ensure efficient use of Tally products. Regular topics like Basic Accounting, Inventory Management, Statutory Compliances and Payroll in Tally are covered and a relevant training program can be customized as per your need and trainings can be discussed and scheduled.

How to contact us for Tally Support?

You can directly call us on our Tally Support contact Number at +91 9876543210 or raise a ticket from your Tally Support Centre selecting Binary Informatic Pvt. Ltd. as your preferred partner and mention your contact details. We will get back to you in as short as an hour’s time. You can also send us your queries and your contact details through email.